Office Office with filesTidy WFH space

Whilst the ‘Covid era’ has changed many things in our lives, some things never change – like the need to eliminate clutter in our homes and to create storage space for the increasing amount of ‘stuff’ we tend to accumulate.

Of course so many of us are now working at least partially from our homes which has brought these issues into greater focus. The fairly immediate need to create a suitable space from which to work meant that there was a period of ‘making do’ with temporary set-ups:  computers sitting on dining tables, files stacked on the floor, and printers perched anywhere a spot could be found.

Once the enforced work from home regime became more firmly entrenched those working from these rudimentary facilities realised it was not going to work in the longer term.

Fortunately, the sales and design team from The Wardrobe Company – also working from home! – were ready to help. Having been in the business of finding creative storage solutions for their clients for over 30 years The Wardrobe Company was well-placed to step up to these new challenges.

They will design, manufacture, and install a complete home office facility utilising space in a client’s home – be it a bedroom, alcove, part of the garage, or a dedicated room. With the entire process undertaken in-house their clients can be assured that quality is maintained from start to finish.

Of course the extra time we’re all spending in our homes has resulted in us becoming more aware of a need to have ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’. Making more efficient use of existing spaces is something The Wardrobe Company knows all about so re-fitting ‘old school’ wardrobes is one of their specialties – there’s no need to put up with a sagging shelf with one rail slung underneath these days.  People are frequently amazed to find that within that same amount of space they can instead enjoy areas for hanging everything from the short to the tall, drawers to hold ‘the smalls’, shelves for tee shirts and jumpers, and more of them for their shoes.

The Wardrobe Company isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ operation – they design and build on a bespoke basis following personal consultation with each client to establish their individual needs.

If you’re tired of living with a waste of space, check out www.thewardrobecompany, then call 0800 CLOSET to get things started.