Apartments and Small Bedrooms
Most of our apartments pose not only the problem of small bedrooms, but are often a small space overall, where there just isn’t enough storage space already built in. That doesn’t at all mean there isn’t room for a wardrobe to take in your clothes and free up space – wardrobes can be built only 500mm deep and wide to fit a smaller room, and can be packed full of much more shelving and drawers than you might think, giving your clothes and shoes the storage space they deserve.

Wardrobe sliding doors completely eliminate the need to keep a clear space all around a wardrobe to swing open doors, while bi-fold doors can achieve largely the same effect. However, going doorless with wardrobes is oh so trendy right now, and an open wardrobe can also be a solution that doesn’t infringe upon the little space you might have in an apartment bedroom. This can give a stripped-back feel to wardrobes and will also encourage you to stack shelves and hang clothes neatly. Overall, a wardrobe in a small bedroom has even more utility, as eliminating the need for a chest of drawers will open up more of that precious floor space.

You can also use those narrow apartment hallways as another potential storage space – a simple approach would be just putting up hooks for coats, but why not think different? Any dead end or unused corner of a hallway can easily be a space for a wardrobe that can be fitted with shelves and drawers to store anything from sheets and towels to children’s toys or cycling equipment.

Maximising Your Bathroom
Small bathrooms can easily become much larger when you think creatively and make the most of the space – it’s always important to remember that almost any nook or cranny can be commandeered and used for storage. Shallow shelves are popular for storing toiletries and other bathroom essentials, and bathroom walls also provide the chance for shelving above sinks, toilets, and washing machines.

Mirrors are of course essential in bathrooms, and a mirror can always be the front face of any storage space in a bathroom, working wonders as either sliding or pull-out doors! You can also consider using a pull-out laundry basket rather than one that takes up significant space on the floor, as well as pull-out racks for towels and other necessities. Alone these might seem like quite a change for a relatively small space gain, but altogether these kinds of changes can really open up a bathroom!

Spare Room to Dressing Room
Dealing with a tiny and useless room that can’t serve any real purpose beyond holding the over flow clutter from a bedroom that’s almost as tiny? Consider utilising the small space as a dressing room by essentially turning the room into an entire walk-in wardrobe! If this room is adjacent to your bedroom, even better, as you could easily make it into a wardrobe that you could enter straight from your room. But still nonetheless, that tiny room in your house that gets no use can make a perfect dressing room!

By making this entire room your personal dressing room, you can devote every nook and cranny to storing clothes and creating a space that allows you that essential few minutes of personal time in every day! This literally means you can utilise all the space in the room, meaning wardrobe everywhere, from the corners all the way up to the ceiling. You can also easily use mirrors and bright colours to brighten and enlarge the space. This gives you the freedom to display clothes and shoes instead of having to hide them away in your bedroom – Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!