If you’re looking to build a walk-in wardrobe in your home, it can often be a challenge to decide where exactly will be the best place to install it – you’re worried about which room can afford to lose the space, but know the benefits one will add to your daily routine. You might see the value of a walk-in wardrobe as a passageway between a master bedroom or en-suite, or perhaps you’d just like to make the most of unused structural space in a bedroom.

Adding To The Master Bedroom
An obvious room that comes to mind when deciding on a location for a walk-in wardrobe is the master bedroom: it’s probably where your clothes are right now, sprawled out across chairs or the bed in that you-need-a-wardrobe kind of way. It can often be hard to imagine a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom, as you become very used to the space, however you’ll be amazed to know that a tightly designed walk-in won’t often need more than two metres of depth from your bedroom!

If you have the space to spare, a popular trend right now is to section off part of the room with a divider such as sliding doors or a wardrobe, and use the divided space as a walk-in-wardrobe and dressing room. Using mirrored doors to cover the bedroom side of the divider will create the illusion of more space in the bedroom, effectively countering the floor space used by your new wardrobe.

The wardrobe systems you choose will also impact on the overall design. For example, The Wardrobe Company’s Moderno design is an excellent choice for an open-facing, doorless wardrobe that you put in a narrow walk-in or bedroom, while designs with doors will better suit larger spaces.

Connecting To A Bathroom Or En-suite
Using your bathroom or en-suite as a possible location to attach a walk-in wardrobe makes a lot of sense: it’ll fit seamlessly into your daily routine, and could even provide the perfect transition space between a bedroom and en-suite, or private hallway between a bedroom and shared bathroom. Besides just storing your clothes, these spaces can be used to store towels and bedding, or bring together items scattered around your home.

Wardrobes in these areas should, wherever possible, be fitted with doors instead of open shelving. This will help protect clothes and shoes from constant exposure to steam from your bathroom. Sliding doors are perfect here, as they won’t need to open up and consume space but can still protect your clothes.

If you’re feeling inspired and want consultation with an expert on where a custom wardrobe would best fit in your home, contact The Wardrobe Company now or visit our showroom in Wairau Valley to find the wardrobe that’s perfect for both you and your home!