A walk-in wardrobe has become one of those ‘must haves’ in a modern home and nowadays it is common practice to include at least one when designing most new houses and apartments. In addition to their superior utilisation factors, they are a frequently mentioned feature when a property is being advertised and provide an element of ‘prestige value’.

This is all understandable given the special efficiency a walk-in wardrobe can provide over the older style ‘reach-in’ robes.

Developments in Design
As with most things, there has been considerable development in the design and level of fit-out a wardrobe company can provide when assisting a homeowner to plan a customised walk-in wardrobe.

Many of these are now sophisticated bespoke areas incorporating a range of features including drawers, slide-out shoe shelves, discretely positioned jewellery trays, and integrated full-length mirrors.

Whilst it is straightforward to make provision of a walk-in wardrobe when designing a new home, often it’s not so easy when undertaking a renovation project. However, with some creative thinking it can frequently be achieved – often utilising space which might otherwise serve little purpose. For example, an increasingly popular means of providing a walk-in wardrobe / dressing room in a master bedroom is to erect a non-structural ‘half wall’ which creates the wardrobe space between an end wall and this new partition. Typically this also serves as a bedhead and the occupants can walk around each end of the partition to gain access to their wonderful new wardrobe space.

Creating such an area often provides an additional benefit in that it frees up the space previously occupied by an old style reach-in wardrobe with that space then reconfigured to serve a new purpose.

Ease of Access
In all cases, a walk-in wardrobe is an easily accessed facility which the homeowner will use to dress and undress as well as the place to store their clothing. When space permits it is usual practice to incorporate banks of drawers to hold underwear, socks, and other items which would previously have necessitated having a dressing table in the bedroom – so, they can generally be an excellent space-saver which free up floor area in bedrooms for other purposes or simply to provide a feeling of greater spaciousness. Similarly, providing extensive shelving in a walk-in wardrobe makes a more accessible means of keeping tee-shirts, jumpers, and sportswear rather than needing to rummage through a chest of drawers.

Depending on the level of specification and the homeowner’s budget, there is a wide-range of high-quality well-designed fittings and accessories which can be incorporated into a modern walk-in wardrobe which create a stunning feature in a home as well as envy amongst the owners’ friends!